Programme Area

Centre for Cooperation and Development (CCD) Nepal has been working in Timal area which is considered as one of the most inaccessible and remote areas of Kavre district, largely dominated by marginalized, poor and vulnerable communities. It consists of 7 VDCs (Thuloparsel, Bolde Phedichhe, Saramthali, Sarsyukharka, Narayansthan, Chapakhori, and Mechche) having about 3,698 households with 35,024 people. The settlement consists of 75% Tamang, 8%, Dalit, 7% Magar and 10% other. It is located on the top part of the mountain between Rosi and Koshi area of Kavre district, having very low percentage of literacy rate. The large section of population especially poor, vulnerable and marginalized community have no access to quality education, basic health care services and income generating activities. Due to lack of quality education and employment opportunities, the youngster locals are forced to either go to gulf countries in order to earn money or depend on traditional agricultural farming that support them with low production. They live very precarious life in the hope of immediate attention and humanitarian support especially in the field of quality education, health services and income generating profession.