Timal: our director elected Gaun Pralika Pramukh

17 May 2017

Our Director Salam Singh Tamang has been elected mayor (Gaun Pralika Pramukh) in the villages (Timal, around 40.000 people) where we are working since more than 14 years.We did not say anything during the election campaign, but now we can express our...

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Water project update

11 May 2017

The water project is near to be completed. For technical and security reasons (landslides, earthquakes), it was preferred not to build an inearth tank but an embankment on which to place a huge plastic tank that will collect water from the springs ab...

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Last distribution before election

02 May 2017

Two years after the earthquake we Remember our Sisters and Brothers perished in the villages.We did the last school kits distribution before local elections in Nirmala School Thulo Parsel.We proceed after 14 may to others schools....

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