New Sonam Lhosar, end of blockade. Good new year

09 Feb 2016

The blockade is over, we could rebuild our swiss rolex replica uk houses and schools. Today is SONAM LHOSAR. Best wishes for our People and Friends. ...

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Kalidevi School in Meche

29 Jan 2016

We are in the village of Meche distributing school kits for children. The school was built in 2006 by CCD Nepal in cooperation with our italian partner 12 Dicembre onlus.We are still here to help children and panerai replica uk communities....

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It is getting cold: blankets for elders

09 Jan 2016

Following the request of the replica swiss watches communities, we decided to distribute to the elders people in the villages. It is getting cold and most of the people is living in temporary shelters....

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Books and school materials distributed to 400 children

05 Jan 2016

Distribution of didactical kits for children is going on in several schools in Timal. Since now we have covered  Nirmala and Bal Bikas in Thulo and Kalidevi in Dhulku.We are going to distribute more than 500 kits in the schools of Timal rolex replic...

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Takecare Nepal interview in Radio Vatican the official media of the Holy See

29 Dec 2015

Italian people of Takecare1village has been interviewied by Vatican Radio. They spose about our projects and the situatIon in Nepal.Here the link swiss uk replica watches,_otto_mesi_dal_terremoto_ricost...

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A lot of friends help us around the world

23 Dec 2015

In the picture our Friend  Giulio. He is colllecting 1 euro to all his school friends in cheap fake watches Vicenza to buy books and other didactical materials  for the children of the villages.A school in Vicenza (Italy) will support our projects....

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school kit for children

10 Dec 2015

Thanks to our italianreplicas iwc partners and friends we are going to distribute didactical materials for 1 year to 400 children in the schools supported cheap replica breitling....

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We begin to Repair classes and schools in the villages. first installement.

09 Dec 2015

In spite of blockade we proceed in Repairing classes and schools in Thulo, Meche and Chapakori in coordination with local SMCS and communities. Children must Study in classes and not in temporary shelters. ...

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06 Nov 2015

 We are all nepali. There is no division among hills and Terai people. Government has to take care of Madhesi needs and talk with them. We must rebuild hopes, homes and schools and the blockade make it impossibile. ...

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In Italy people work to help our villages. Event

22 Oct 2015

Our italian partners are organizing an Event in Vercelli on 5 november, to help our replica watches uk sale projects in the villages....

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