Teej 2016

04 Sep 2016

Today is Teej, the festival of women. We work to empower them, troughout education and community development cheap fake watches....

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New Friends working with us

10 Jul 2016

From Swiss, the Association Ayurveda Monaci Erranti begins  cooperation with our projects.replicas omega They start first donation for "Save The Water" the project directed to assure drinkable water to the villages.We thanks them as our people in th...

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Monsoon arrived, people got safe shelters

14 Jun 2016

Thanks to many friends, in the last months we provided safe shelters for families and safe schools for children. Now monsoon arrived, normal as forecast. In the villages the Fields are Ready and we hope for a good cheap swiss replica watches harvesti...

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Our friends from Italy are in the villages

02 May 2016

Our friends of the italian onlus Libri contro Fucili are in the villages to monitor our activities and to distribute letters and books from Italy.The italian school in Vicenza, named Giovanni XIII send letters from children and our fake breitling wat...

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One year later

25 Apr 2016

One year later the first quake we are in the villages in our Gompa in Thulo Parsel to Remember our Sister and Brother death.We Remember them working to assure to our people safe shelters and schools for the coming monsoon and we are engage in new pro...

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New donations in Meche and Dhulku to rebuild schools

29 Mar 2016

We are rebuilding the schools build and supported by us in 13 years of work. Before the coming moonson. We have distributed to School Management Committees  cheque of amount one lakh at kalidevi school, #Dhulkhu and cheque of replica breitling for s...

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Women and girls

08 Mar 2016

Let us not stop to improve our economic and social cheap fake watches conditions here in Nepal and around the world. We are working to assure education to the girls of the villages, to provide shelters to the families, and to engagé women in our wor...

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We provided shelters for 1.300 families

05 Mar 2016

In the last days we distributed again 400 yasta to help families in building temporary shelters for people and crops. Now in the villages we cooperate in building more than 1.300. Due to delay in reconstruction, unluckly they will Host people for rep...

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More jasta to 350 families

02 Mar 2016

Following the request of the omega replica watches online communities, we are distributing again yasta (zinc) to more than 350 families.  Totally we provided them to 1.250 families. People made temporary shelters for them and their crops. Due to del...

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Friends from Italy help us for blankets to elder people

10 Feb 2016

Sergio and Santoshi (She is from the village of Bethan in Ramechap) donated euro 1.000 to buy blankets for the elders in the villages.Thanks to the help of mani friends we want reach more than 300 people. For this cold Winter and replica panerai watc...

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