Message from Director

Dear Friends It is now twelve years, thanks to many donors, we are working in the villages in the Timal, in the district of Kavre.

We tried to improve the economic, social and educational condition working with passion. People of the villages helped us as many volunteers and small and large organisations. Among many projects done (schools, ECDs, health) that which makes me proud is to cooperate to bring electricity in the houses of the village where I was born and lived. To achieve this goal, like others, the communities have been determined.

Now the earthquake could take strength to our people. We have to rebuild the houses, think of the crops, create temporary shelters. Then we have to rebuild the schools, some built by us.

A long and challenging job. For this I appeal to all our friends across the world because they support our work, to rebuild not only structures but the hopes of our people.

We have come across lots of challenging situations and obstacles triggered by political instability, inaccessible geography, social, cultural, academic and economic disparities. Despite our financial limitation, geographical remoteness and political turbulence, we have been relentlessly operating multi-dimensional interventions concentrating on the theme of Quality Education, School Health & Nutrition and Sustainable Livelihood in coordination with local and district authorities.

We have successfully and effectively launched diverse programs over the years such as Effective Management of ECD Center & Child Clubs, School Support & Strengthening Program, Computer Education, Grant Support, Infra-structures Support, School Grading Program, Annual Physical Check up, School Based Health & Nutrition Service, Healthy School Environment, Skill Based Health Education, Community Support System & Policy Environment, Hand Washing & Tooth Brushing, Social Entrepreneurship Program (Volunteerism), and Income Generating Program. Our meticulous and integrated efforts have been fruitful and supportive to bring about some positive changes in our program area.

Salam Singh Tamang
Sahakarya ra Bikas Director.