Since most of families are economically vulnerable and unaware of their children's education, CCD Nepal has been conducting various programs to bring awareness among the parents about the importance of education and empower them financially so that parents can easily afford better access of quality education for their children.

The schools identify the needy families who are unable to send their children to the school in spite of their hard work and loan is provided to them in low interest under the supervision of School Management Committee to support the family in various income generating activities like buffalo farming, Lapsi farming & poultry farming etc.

It supported 3 poor and needy parents of Nirmala Lower Secondary School financially this year too as per the recommendation of SMC and schools. The Livelihood Program is becoming a boon for poor and disadvantaged families to send their children to school with the support they obtain from their income generating activities.

Social Entrepreneurship Program

Social Entrepreneurship Program is specially designed for empowering and mobilizing the local youths in different development works. The program focuses on exchanging the ideas, information and development experiences among the youths and executes the most effective interventions for the development of entire community. It promotes the participation of youths in their communities and motivates them to act as a catalyst for social transformation within their own communities. Under this program the capacity of local youths are built through trainings and workshops technically and academically so that they can contribute their meaningful efforts for the development of their community. This program has been launched in 3 VDCs of Kavre district namely Thuloparsel, Narayansthan and Chapakhori.

CCD Nepal has been empowering the local youths through social entrepreneurship program in Kavre district in order to engage them in small scale income generating profession. They are supported financially and technically to start different professions like goat farming, tailoring, knitting and vegetable production to reduce their poverty, dependency and vulnerabilities. We believe that the small contribution from the organization helps to develop self reliance among all the local youth that ultimately discourages them to leave birth place to sell their labour in cheap markets of gulf countries.