CCD Nepal has been facilitating its program in seven VDCs of Timal area as it is one of the remote places in Kavre Districtrict.

Center for Cooperation and Development (CCD Nepal) is a non-political, non-profitable and non-governmental organization, established in 2004 AD with a prime motto of flourishing quality education, ensuring proper school health & nutritional status and supporting vulnerable community through livelihood programs. Registered under the Chief District Office (CDO), Kathmandu, it is affiliated to the Social Welfare Council (SWC). Basically, it has been working in the areas of Education, School Health and Nutrition and Livelihood. Since its inception, it has been launching different programs and activities in coordination with local and district authorities in order to increase an access to quality education, maintain proper health status and empower the poor, marginalized and vulnerable groups of Timal areas in Kavre District under the financial support of Italian Sponsors.

CCD Nepal adopts the collaborative working culture, so programs are operated in cooperation of all the concerned organizations and communities for the efficiency and sustainability of the program and develop ownership in the grass root level. Since public participation is the vital tool for sustainable development; it has given high priority to the inclusive participation from all sections of the targeted groups.

"CCD Nepal works in close coordination with the District Education Office, District Health Office, District Child Welfare Board and School Management Committee (SMC) to ensure quality education, school health & nutrition and livelihood. It believes in multiplying the impact of the joint intervention between governmental and non-governmental organization to uplift the status of poor, needy and vulnerable group of the program area.

Our Vision

  • The community imbued with quality education, healthy and prosperous life.

Our Mission

  • The community imbued with quality education, healthy and prosperous life.
  • To empower the entire community to take ownership in implementing quality education, school health and livelihood programs.
  • To bring visible changes in the life of poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged group through local level entrepreneurship.

Core Values

  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Sharing and Caring
  • Inclusive and Equity
  • Advocacy and Accessibility

Strategic Objectives

  • To support in quality education and life skill development of all the underprivileged and vulnerable children.
  • To bring change and development in local community through child clubs.
  • To bring positive changes in personal hygiene and sanitation habit of all school children.
  • To improve the health and nutritional status of all the school children of program area.
  • To access livelihood opportunity to the poor and vulnerable group of the community.
  • To foster entrepreneurship among the youths of the community for their self reliance.