It is therefore very much important to exercise integrated efforts to create healthy learning environment in school so that the enrollment and drop out problem of the children can be addressed. The School teachers, community leaders, and parents must be fully committed to implement awareness program within the schools to promote healthy school environment.

CCD Nepal has been working in School Health and Nutrition program since 2006 in Timal area of Kavre in co-ordination with DEO, DHO and SMCs. The School health and nutrition services are guided by FRESH approach (Focusing Resource on Effective School Health) and National SHN (School Health and Nutrition) strategy. It focuses on two approaches i.e., collecting the information of children's health and nutritional status and working towards increasing quality and access of health services to primary level students of programme area. It has been launching different school health and nutrition programs so as to ensure better school health and nutritional status.

Community Support System and Policy Environment

Effective SHN program requires networking and collaboration of committed partnership in order to improve and strengthen community support system and policy environment that eventually contributes to formulate the effective policy and programs for the holistic development of the program area. It helps to develop technical, managerial and financial aspects of the program. CCD Nepal has conducted various interaction, trainings, seminars and orientation programs in co-ordination with all focal district authorities (DCWC, DDC, DHO, DEO, Resource Persons, School Supervisors and Focal Teachers, parents, SMC, PTA, mother group, and child clubs to increase the community ownership and active participation for the formation of systematic and effective policy for the overall development of their community.

Skill Based Health Education

This is reality that there are number of schools than health care institutions and more teachers than health workers. Health of children is given less preferences by the schools and same is the conditions of health care institutions. In rural areas of Nepal, health and nutritional status of school children is very pathetic. They are fragile and often exposed to poor health, malnutrition, diseases, infections and injuries and other health hazards. "Child to Child and Child to Parent and Community" approach is therefore introduced practically to students for attaining better hygiene status of the children. The training given to the teenage female students for preparing the sanitary napkins is proved to be quite effective as they are fully aware about the required cleanliness during menstruation period. Conducting community health education campaign through IEC/BCC has been significantly helpful interventions for ensuring noticeable behavioral change.

Healthy School Environment

Healthy school environment consists of healthy, safe and secure learning environment for overall development of children. School should have access to safe drinking water and provision of separate sanitation facilities for girls, boys, and teachers. CCD Nepal has been working for creating safe and healthy school environment. Child clubs are mobilized for cleaning the school periphery and whole school. The active initiation and participation of child club have turned to be more effective to ensure health school environment.

Annual Physical Check-up

School Health and Nutrition Program is an important component for achieving the national goal of proper health and quality education defined by Health and Population Ministry & Ministry of Education. The school health and nutrition programs are meant to accurately analyze the health and nutritional status of the students from 5-17 years of age group and give necessary suggestion for their proper hygiene.

Since inception, CCD Nepal has been focusing primarily on the School Health and Nutrition Program in different schools of Timal Area. The Annual Physical Check Up is therefore organized every year in all schools of the program area to meet the strategic national goal for the overall improvement of students' physical, mental, psychological and educational status. The health camp focuses on accessing health and nutritional status of the school children with general screening of vision, hearing and oral health. The principal objective of the Annual Physical Check up is to basically create awareness among school children on hygiene, prevention and control measure of the diseases. The program has a significant impact upon the students, parents, teachers and all the stakeholders of program area.

Tooth Brush and Hand Wash Program

In order to develop health awareness among the students, CCD Nepal has been conducting School Brushing and Hand Washing Program in all the school of its program area so that all the children can be fully aware about their dental hygiene and develop the habit of personal sanitation. These programs have brought significant changes among all the school children about their daily habit of cleanliness.