We believe in the inclusive education that ensures the equal rights of all the children for quality education in the same class regardless of their caste, class and physical disability. It is an efficient tool to empower each individual's confidence, knowledge and skills to secure their career in the competitive global world.

CCD Nepal focuses its activities in those critical areas to provide quality education in 'inclusive and joyful environment'. To ensure this 'Motto', CCD Nepal has rigorously been supporting different schools to promote social inclusion and quality teaching learning by providing various trainings to the teachers, SMC members, parents, mother groups and the members of child club in regular basis including educational materials.

The Principal Interventions to Ensure Quality Education

Computer Education

Computer education is the most essential aspect of quality education. It is the most crucial demand of 21st century that helps the students to explore their knowledge and skills practically. Identifying the growing need of computer education, CCD Nepal has been making significant contribution for promoting computer education in most of the schools of Timal area. It has been supporting different schools with computers and necessary training since 2012 to give continuity to computer education so that all the school children in Timal area will be at least acquainted with basic knowledge of computer application. About 1485 students of 9 schools are directly benefitted with the same computer education. The students are now able to operate simple office package in their computer.

School Welcome Program 2013

Education is the fundamental right of the children. Every child can explore his/her knowledge, skills and potentiality to be the future pillars of the nation if quality education is provided right from the initial stage of their life. Considering this fact, CCD Nepal organizes School Welcome Program every year in the beginning of the academic session to encourage new students to come to school. The new students are welcomed in the school with Tika in the presence of SMC/PTA, teachers, child clubs and guardians and they are provided with the stationery like pencil, eraser, cutter, Nepali and English copy through their nearest brothers or sisters. Furthermore, mass rally of all the teachers, students, child clubs, parents, SMC/PTA, civil society and different organizations is carried out to encourage all the remaining children to come to school. This program has resulted the declaration of 100% enrollment of the students in their school in catchment areas.

Material Distribution for the Child Club

Since we strongly believe that developing leadership skill of the children from the early stage of their school life crucially help them to shape their vision and mission in their life. The Child Clubs have been formed in different schools of Timal Area under the active initiation of our organization so as to encourage all the school children to develop their awareness about child rights, interpersonal skills, knowledge and confidence level. It comprises all interested students from different grades with different capabilities. The students in Child Clubs learn very practical skills and develop their personality under the kind guidance and supervision of our organization. The organization has been supporting the Child Clubs with various trainings and child friendly materials as a source of continuous inspiration. It distributes different child friendly materials every year like scissor, glue stick, pencil, marker, cutter, scale, pen, chart paper, news print paper, copy, register, donation box, sign pen, photocopy paper, and children' magazines named Muna and Changa including tool box to all child clubs so as to encourage all the school children to develop their awareness about child rights, interpersonal skills, knowledge and publish wall magazines. The distribution of the adequate materials has encouraged all 2837 child club members to initiate their skill developing activities and conduct different extracurricular activities in school.

Child Club Strengthening Programme

Child Club is a platform where every child enjoys their rights and explores his/her potentialities and innovations in friendly environment. Through child clubs, they are encouraged to conduct different co curricular activities every fortnightly, hygiene check up on every Sunday, managing waste materials on their own, maintaining the garden and publish wall magazine. CCD Nepal has been supporting 42 child clubs of different schools with necessary materials, fund and refreshment trainings so as to empower them to manage the clubs effectively. The occasional Refreshment Training are conducted to empower child club members and focal teachers practically about the skills of preparing and publishing wall magazine, conducting different extracurricular activities and maintaining personal hygiene (brushing, hand washing, nail cutting and combing etc). Such Refreshment Training is proved to be fruitful and effective to guide, encourage and activate all the representatives of the child clubs in order to manage the clubs and conduct various extracurricular activities in their schools.

Early Childhood Development Program

Early childhood is the crucial stage of human development as people learn more than half essential skills in this stage if guided well. Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) is introduced principally to foster holistic development of the small children. It is a children-oriented program especially designed to develop the physical, social, cognitive and emotional status of small children of 3 to 5 years old in homely environment. It is run under the guidance and direct supervision of especially Mother Groups. The members of the mother group are trained to manage the center effectively. They are also supported technically and financially to provide mid day meal to their children turn by turn in ECD centers. CCD Nepal has been providing orientation to the mother group members from time to time to run the ECD centers effectively. It has been supporting to 26 ECD centers and facilitator of Timal area technically and financially to enhance effective management of ECD centers since its establishment in 2005. The previous training focused on the roles and responsibility of mother groups in ECD centre management and policy designing. It has brought positive change to ensure regularity of the children in child friendly ECD centers.

The initiative of providing Tiffin boxes to ECD children has brought positive impact in their food habits. And now they bring their home made fresh and nutritious food which is quite hygienic for the health of children. Now, no child brings junk food like biscuits, noodles and chips. It has double advantages that it discourages the use of junk food in one hand and on the other hand parents need not to waste money for the food that affects the health of their children.

Grant Support

CCD Nepal believes that well managed academic foundation is the basic requirement for conducive environment for teaching learning activities. Considering the need of the schools, the organization has been supporting all schools with Grants so as to materialize the annual plan prepared by School Management Committee for the overall development of the school (ASIP). This support incorporates educational materials, teacher's salary, mobilization of child clubs and garden making etc in the school to increase learning achievement. The grant support has been the great contribution to ensure quality education in Timal area.

Scholarship Program

Since most of the children in Timal area are from poor family, they can hardly afford necessary stationeries for their education due to poverty. Scholarship program is therefore a helpful measure to support the children with some money so that they buy necessary materials for their education. CCD Nepal has been distributing scholarship to many needy and deserving students from primary to secondary level students of all the schools every year to encourage them in their reading and writing. The distribution of the scholarship helped them to buy essential stationery and other materials for their education.

Training for SMC/PTA

CCD, Nepal has been training head teachers, chairpersons of SMC/PTA of different schools to develop the management capacity of school. It has launched many trainings for head teachers and chairpersons of SMC/PTA about the preparation of ASIP, New Flash Report I and II, School Accreditation form and Learning Achievement through resource persons in all the clusters in coordination with DEO.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are the most helpful programs to develop the overall skills of the students. CCD Nepal has been organizing different activities in all the schools in coordination with the child clubs and school teachers. The activities like Spelling Contest, Sports, Debate, Elocution, Drawing Competition and Quiz Contest are conducted most often in the schools to garner the skills, knowledge and level of confidence among students. Among them, Quiz Contest is frequently conducted to develop the cognitive skills of the students so that all the students can acquire general knowledge so as to update him/her about the latest innovations, research and findings carried out all around the world. It helps the students to. All the prize winners and participants of the Quiz Contest are rewarded with well-wrapped gifts as an inspiration for their better performance further.

Capacity BuildingTraining

Under capacity building, which is another crosscutting theme, CCD Nepal has been providing training to the different subject teachers, SMC/PTA, Child Club, Mother Group, and ECD Facilitators for their personality development so that they can contribute in creating very conducive child friendly teaching learning environment for the overall development of the students. The trainings are facilitated by experts on different field in consultation and cooperation with the District Education Office, Kavre.

Trainings and workshop

  • Basic ECD Facilitator Training
  • ECD Facilitator Refresher Training
  • CCLP for grade Teachers Training
  • CCLP for grade Teachers Refresher Training
  • Child Friendly School Training
  • Child Friendly School Refresher Training
  • Continuous Assessment System and Liberal Promotion Policy Training
  • Continuous Assessment System and Liberal Promotion Policy Refresher Training
  • Innovative Child Centered & Grade Teaching Training
  • Library Management Training
  • Library Management Refresher Training
  • ASIP Training
  • Wellbeing Ranking & Training
  • English Teaching Methodology Training
  • First Aid Training
  • First Aid Refresher Training
  • Life Skill Training
  • Life Skill Refresher Training
  • Peer Education Based Life Skill Training
  • Health and Hygiene Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Sanitary Napkin Preparation Training
  • Child Right and Child Club Management Training
  • Child Right and Child Club Management Refresher Training